Last night I went to an internet marketing workshop that was up on by the U of M. I was joined by Kathleen Casey of Knotty & Nice, and Megan Moore and Hadley Barrows of Commemorate the Date. I got some useful tips out of the workshop, but it was a little scattered and barely touched on specific ways to use the internet for marketing. Instead, the speaker threw out the tools used for internet marketing but didn’t explain much about each one or which ones are best. I was left knowing there were tons of ways I can use the internet to market my business, but not HOW to use them. So I’m going to take one of the follow-up classes that are promised to be more detailed and personalized. I’m looking forward to learning more ways to get my work in front of more eyes. This blog is one way to do that, so thanks for reading!


Networking, networking, networking

Last night I got together with two pals, one who I met through my past as a Pilates instructor and became friends with, another who I met through networking and became friends with (and who I am now also working for, designing her identity system). I realized last week that these two *had* to meet each other because they could help each other immensely. I was right! We had such a good time talking and laughing, and the “meeting” lasted about three and a half hours! It was so fun. And they are really excited to help each other with their life- and job goals. It’s so awesome when something you think will work out really well works out REALLY well. Hooray for networking! I’m definitely a fan.

Tonight I’m going to a talk about using the internet for marketing. I found out about it from my business consultant, Lauri Flaquer (more networking!). I then told several of my artsy friends, and they are going to go, too (more networking!). I’m hoping to learn a lot about internet marketing, and when I’m there, I also plan to…you guessed it: do some networking.

Dealing with disappointment

I had a cool freelance opportunity come up last week thanks to a friend who works for a publishing company. I submitted some mockups to my contact person, per the assignment, and found out Monday I didn’t get the job. I’m bummed out, but will try again if given the chance in the future. My friend said there is a very good chance there will be other jobs in the future I can reach out for.

Disappointment is part of being a freelancer, and so far I haven’t had many. I’ve been lucky in that way, I guess. So it’s just the hard slap of reality hitting me, and it stings. But it’s fading, and I’ll be OK. On to the next big thing!

The Swell Season was…well, swell

I went to see The Swell Season at First Ave. last night. I saw them for the first time this winter and after being completely hypnotized that night, could not wait for last night’s show. I’ve been a HUGE fan since I saw “Once” in the first week it was released to theaters several years ago. The show this winter, at the State, was amazing, and last night’s had a slightly different vibe because of the smaller venue (and my back and legs screaming after standing for three-plus hours) but it was equally amazing. I know people use that word too much these days, but I can’t think of a better one to describe this band. I had goosebumps the entire show despite the sweltering heat in First Ave. I am not ashamed to admit crying during many songs this winter, and doing so last night as well. This band touches me like few others, and I can’t wait their next album. Marketa played a new song, Crossroads, last night, and it was gorgeous. She also has chopped her long hair into a style pretty similar to mine, and she *rocks* it! You can truly see how beautiful she is with the new ‘do, because it highlights her face.

Anyway, I can’t wait to make some art this weekend while listening to The Swell Season, over and over. I’m inspired!


It was a busy weekend in redshoes26 design land. On Tuesday I got an opportunity to submit designs to Mill City Press in Mpls for possible future freelance book design. I fulfilled the assignment over the weekend by mocking up two book covers from an actual manuscript, and also the “guts” of a book. I submitted the items yesterday and am awaiting feedback. I really would love to do freelance work for Mill City Press, so keep me in your positive thoughts!

I also worked on my newsletter (thanks to Jesse Valley for being in the spotlight this month!) and cranked out the 160-card order for the Wedge Co-op. OH! And I also headed to my parents’ house to help my dad build the kitchen/work table he and I are crafting. It’s so awesome to have something custom, and to save HUGE money in the process. Plus, it’s really fun to work on it with him and to see him so excited to do it.

The July issue of redshoes news is out today. Let me know if you’re not yet on my newsletter list and would like to join. Just one email a month!

Another wedding job down

Bittersweet! I finished up the final files for the last piece of the wedding suite I’ve been working on since June. I sent to my client the files for the program and the monogram sticker that will go on the front of the program’s cover. She’s printing this part of the job, to save money. I think they’ll turn out really cute.

I’m in the hunt for another wedding job! I love love love working with couples on their suites. Know of anyone looking for a kickass wedding-suite designer? Send ’em my way!

Hello world!

I never thought I’d start a blog. We’ll see how this goes….

I propose to use this forum for updates on what I’m doing in the art world and what news I have to report for redshoes26 design. Check back often for updates and random thoughts I spill to the world regarding art and design.