It was a busy weekend in redshoes26 design land. On Tuesday I got an opportunity to submit designs to Mill City Press in Mpls for possible future freelance book design. I fulfilled the assignment over the weekend by mocking up two book covers from an actual manuscript, and also the “guts” of a book. I submitted the items yesterday and am awaiting feedback. I really would love to do freelance work for Mill City Press, so keep me in your positive thoughts!

I also worked on my newsletter (thanks to Jesse Valley for being in the spotlight this month!) and cranked out the 160-card order for the Wedge Co-op. OH! And I also headed to my parents’ house to help my dad build the kitchen/work table he and I are crafting. It’s so awesome to have something custom, and to save HUGE money in the process. Plus, it’s really fun to work on it with him and to see him so excited to do it.

The July issue of redshoes news is out today. Let me know if you’re not yet on my newsletter list and would like to join. Just one email a month!


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