Networking, networking, networking

Last night I got together with two pals, one who I met through my past as a Pilates instructor and became friends with, another who I met through networking and became friends with (and who I am now also working for, designing her identity system). I realized last week that these two *had* to meet each other because they could help each other immensely. I was right! We had such a good time talking and laughing, and the “meeting” lasted about three and a half hours! It was so fun. And they are really excited to help each other with their life- and job goals. It’s so awesome when something you think will work out really well works out REALLY well. Hooray for networking! I’m definitely a fan.

Tonight I’m going to a talk about using the internet for marketing. I found out about it from my business consultant, Lauri Flaquer (more networking!). I then told several of my artsy friends, and they are going to go, too (more networking!). I’m hoping to learn a lot about internet marketing, and when I’m there, I also plan to…you guessed it: do some networking.


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