Freelance Friday #2

I didn’t do a TON of work yesterday for Freelance Friday, but I did a lot of picking up ’round redshoes26 design headquarters, and running some errands. So today, Saturday, was more of my Freelance Friday.

I finally picked up all my art stuff from the multitude of shows I did this month, and even put my huge bins o’ artwork and inventory in my closet, so they’re not out in the open anymore. It looks incredible in my tiny studio apartment. I wish I had done that a long time ago. I also sanded and re-painted the kitchen/work table, after my dad and I fixed it the other night. I also half-heartedly cleaned off my office desk to make room for the laptop. Now all that needs to happen with the apartment revamp is to hang my framed art, which has been leaning against the wall since, oh, June, and scrub every inch of this nasty place. I’m not looking forward to that job, but it’ll feel awesome in here when it’s done.

Could this be a more boring post? Sigh. I was a snore today, I guess. Oh! On a design note, I made some note cards for my friend Julie Westbrock Healy, owner of Strike3 Pitching. Something to add to her identity system. Whoop! And I also cut a bunch more sleeves for my Rockin’ Roll’er Coasters, since I was getting pretty light on those.

I went to the Gopher vball game tonight (preseason tourney) with my sister W. It was really fun and the Gophs won in three. They all are tiny babies! I guess that’s because I’m not their age anymore. Sigh. I still feel like I am…does that count? I think I actually feel *better* than I did when I was their age. But I’m not swinging a bat 300 times a day and throwing a ball 500 times a day and sprinting for nearly two hours every day, either, like I was back then. Could be a factor.

G’night blogosphere.


I’ve been a slacking on the blog!

Sorry to my faithful readers (all three of you) that I’ve been MIA the past few days. It’s been nutty ’round here. I’m still trying to clean up my apartment/car/storage unit after the three art shows I just wrapped up. And putting the finishing touches on my kitchen/work table has wedged itself into my workload, too. (Thanks for the help dad…I’ll be cleaning sawdust off of everything for months, I’m sure.) And then I did this cool networking event yesterday in the afternoon. Was invited by Julie Ann Segal of Metropolitan Interiors to join her and eight other women to take tours of four showrooms at Hirschfield’s and IMS in Minneapolis. It was SO fun and I met some great women who I know I’ll be networking with in the near future. The tours also inspired me creatively. I think if I come back in another life I’ll be an interior designer or a stylist for boutiques. Heck, maybe I’ll do a little boutique styling in THIS life! It seems right up my alley. I love setting up my tables for shows and finding cool ways to display my art pieces.

OK, off to more work. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s newsletter. If you’re not on my mailing list, let me know and I’ll get you all signed up!

Three shows in two weeks…done.

I had three art shows in the last two weeks, which I would not recommend. One nice perk was that I didn’t have to unpack my car much–just kept everything in there rather than hauling it up and down four flights of stairs three times. As has been documented here already, the show in Stillwater last weekend was mildly successful. The show at the Walker Art Center on Thursday was AMAZING. I did the best, profit-wise, than I’ve ever done, and it was just a five-hour event. Yes, even better than a three-day Art Crawl. The show was so fun and well-organized, I met some killer artists, and I made some solid contacts. I would LOVE to do the Local Artist Gift Mart again at the Walker if they’d ask me back (please ask me back). The show I did yesterday at a coffee shop in North Minneapolis was abysmal. It was my least profitable show ever. The two bright spots were hanging out with Kathleen Casey of Knotty & Nice all day, and making a couple of possible contacts. Overall it was super disappointing and a waste of a day. I could have been at home working.

This week, I’ll slowly unpack my car, schedule in some much-needed “me time,” finish up my newsletter (it comes out on Thursday), and start gearing up for the huge huge huge Creative Connection Event that I’m participating in next month.

Oh yeah, and a dude from City Pages was at the Walker’s Local Artist Gift Mart, and he shot this photo of me and my Rockin’ Roll’er Coasters. Ha!

Christy Johnson at Walker's Local Artist Gift Mart

Me and my Rockin' Roll'er Coasters at the Walker's Local Artist Gift Mart

Open Field Day at Walker Art Center

Come on down to the Walker Art Center if you’re in Minneapolis this afternoon (Thursday, Aug. 19) and take part in Open Field Day. I’ll be part of the local artist gift mart that’s going on in the Cargill Lounge. It’s all local art, and it’s all priced perfectly for gift-giving–nothing will be more than $30. Come on down and buy some redshoes26 design greeting cards, mini buttons, Rockin’ Roll’er Coasters, matted or framed prints, or my latest items, onesies. See you there! We’ll be rockin’ the art side from 2-7 p.m., and then bands will *literally* be rockin’ the Walker after that. Enjoy summer while it lasts, and get a jump start on holiday gift buying!


The thrill of owning a brand-spankin’ new laptop diminishes by about…ohhhh, 100% when on Day 2 of owning it you fire it up to find it won’t connect to the f-ing wifi in your building.




A new member of the redshoes26 design fam

I got a new computer yesterday–a MacBook Pro. My old computer has been giving me clues that she was getting ready to crap out, so I heeded her warning and rambled over to the Apple store and made my purchase (and I even got a free iTouch thanks to a back-to-school promo Apple is doing now…niiiiiice). I’d wanted a laptop for about 1.5 years, and so this wasn’t a rash decision, but it still wasn’t an easy one. I am going to have a hard time sending my old G4 in to Apple for parts/recycling. She’s been such a good computer the last 7.5 years, which is ANCIENT in computer years. I got her when I was still in school at Ai. But her time has come, and she was kind enough to warn me. Thank you G4. You’ve been a doll.

One down, two to go

I have three shows booked for August, and two fall into the same week. Three actually, if you count the second day of today’s show. I’m exhausted, so this is gonna be snappy, and I hope coherent.

This past weekend was the Wine Meets Art Fest at Saint Croix Vineyards in Stillwater, MN. I paired with Kathleen Casey of Knotty & Nice. It was Kathleen’s first show and I was so glad to be a part of her new experience! It was also great having a partner in crime at a show–a first for me. Someone to chat with during slow times, play off of in conversations with customers, and someone to hold down the fort during bathroom breaks and when I want to go check out other vendors. Very key! Her husband/biz partner Roger also was invaluable in helping us set up and tear down. Overall the show was kind of slow, traffic-wise, but fairly steady. Yesterday was BLAZING hot and stiflingly humid, so that kept numbers way down. I made a whopping $6 in sales. It did not look good for the show as a whole. But today’s weather was pretty much amazing, other than gale-force winds that consistently blew our product off the table, leaving us scrambling after it. But I’ll take strong wind over rain (or snow!) any day. Today our sales were decent, and we deemed the entire show a mild success. We took away a few new contacts, a few people added to our mailing list, and an even deeper friendship. So for those reasons, I actually see this as a successful show.

Next up for me is the Local Artist Gift Mart at the Walker Art Center on Thursday, Aug. 19. It’s part of Day. Everything is priced for gift-giving–nothing will be more than $30! There are some GREAT vendors slated to participate (yours truly included, of course…har har).

Then on Sunday, Aug. 22, I’ll be at 42nd Avenue Station in Minneapolis for the Local Bands and Artisan Market. I’m looking forward to meeting new vendors and visitors! Stop by if you have some time and check out the local art, treats and coffee, and music from Minnesota bands. Stay after for a music show in the upstairs ballroom!

Check out my website for more details on both of these shows.

OK, I’m heading to bed. Yesterday’s heat and today’s wind wore me out. But I have a little smile on my sleepy face.