Freelance Friday #1

Hey hey! It’s my first Freelance Friday post. I’ll try to write every Friday to give you a peek into what I do with my days off from my full-time job. Freelance Fridays are days I dedicate to redshoes26 design. I try to work at least eight hours each Friday, and I usually do.

Today started with a client meeting with my pal Diane Healy of Sweet. With Sweet, Diane makes A-MA-ZING cakes/cupcakes, truffles, and other treats. She runs her business out of her house and does such a good job. I think someday she’s gonna blow up and get huge around these parts, and maybe even have a storefront. The trick is giving her time to do it, since she does a killer job as it is, but she also juggles two (super great) kids and a (super great) husband, not to mention an adorable dog, Trapper. :^) This morning Diane and I spoke about email marketing for Sweet at Patisserie 46, which I highly, highly recommend. It’s the closest thing I’ve found (so far in these parts) to the patisseries I frequent when I’m in Paris. It brought me back. I got a pain au chocolat and it was tres, tres bien.

After wrapping up with Diane, I shot further south to pick up my hot-off-the-press business cards from Dunn & Semington. I had my last 1,000 printed by them about 1.5 years ago and am already almost out! The owner, Pete Semington, tossed a spot varnish on my new cards, and it turned out really cool! While I was there, we chatted about Twitter. I’m considering joining it after hearing him rave. He too was reluctant, but has gotten some great feedback (and business) from it. We’ll see. We’ll see.

Finally, I rambled east to the State Fairgrounds to drop off the piece I’m submitting to the Fair this year. I’ve never before submitted artwork to the Fair, but I found out about it the day info was due, and gave it a shot. They decide this week whether or not they’ll display our pieces. Fingers crossed. I’m upset though, and not optimistic my piece–one of my mixed-media shadow boxes–will get chosen because I noticed after I handed it over that it was slightly broken. Something I could easily fix, but I didn’t have my tools/supplies with me, so I just reluctantly walked away. If it DOES get chosen, I’ll ask them if I can fix it before it gets displayed. I’m so disappointed I didn’t see that before heading out this morning. Maybe it even happened when I was in transit. Sigh.

Now I’m working on emails and next will fiddle with some images I took of my work, so I can upload them to the six hundred places I have work online. :^) I hope everyone is having a spectacular (Freelance) Friday!


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