One down, two to go

I have three shows booked for August, and two fall into the same week. Three actually, if you count the second day of today’s show. I’m exhausted, so this is gonna be snappy, and I hope coherent.

This past weekend was the Wine Meets Art Fest at Saint Croix Vineyards in Stillwater, MN. I paired with Kathleen Casey of Knotty & Nice. It was Kathleen’s first show and I was so glad to be a part of her new experience! It was also great having a partner in crime at a show–a first for me. Someone to chat with during slow times, play off of in conversations with customers, and someone to hold down the fort during bathroom breaks and when I want to go check out other vendors. Very key! Her husband/biz partner Roger also was invaluable in helping us set up and tear down. Overall the show was kind of slow, traffic-wise, but fairly steady. Yesterday was BLAZING hot and stiflingly humid, so that kept numbers way down. I made a whopping $6 in sales. It did not look good for the show as a whole. But today’s weather was pretty much amazing, other than gale-force winds that consistently blew our product off the table, leaving us scrambling after it. But I’ll take strong wind over rain (or snow!) any day. Today our sales were decent, and we deemed the entire show a mild success. We took away a few new contacts, a few people added to our mailing list, and an even deeper friendship. So for those reasons, I actually see this as a successful show.

Next up for me is the Local Artist Gift Mart at the Walker Art Center on Thursday, Aug. 19. It’s part of Day. Everything is priced for gift-giving–nothing will be more than $30! There are some GREAT vendors slated to participate (yours truly included, of course…har har).

Then on Sunday, Aug. 22, I’ll be at 42nd Avenue Station in Minneapolis for the Local Bands and Artisan Market. I’m looking forward to meeting new vendors and visitors! Stop by if you have some time and check out the local art, treats and coffee, and music from Minnesota bands. Stay after for a music show in the upstairs ballroom!

Check out my website for more details on both of these shows.

OK, I’m heading to bed. Yesterday’s heat and today’s wind wore me out. But I have a little smile on my sleepy face.


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