A new member of the redshoes26 design fam

I got a new computer yesterday–a MacBook Pro. My old computer has been giving me clues that she was getting ready to crap out, so I heeded her warning and rambled over to the Apple store and made my purchase (and I even got a free iTouch thanks to a back-to-school promo Apple is doing now…niiiiiice). I’d wanted a laptop for about 1.5 years, and so this wasn’t a rash decision, but it still wasn’t an easy one. I am going to have a hard time sending my old G4 in to Apple for parts/recycling. She’s been such a good computer the last 7.5 years, which is ANCIENT in computer years. I got her when I was still in school at Ai. But her time has come, and she was kind enough to warn me. Thank you G4. You’ve been a doll.


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