Three shows in two weeks…done.

I had three art shows in the last two weeks, which I would not recommend. One nice perk was that I didn’t have to unpack my car much–just kept everything in there rather than hauling it up and down four flights of stairs three times. As has been documented here already, the show in Stillwater last weekend was mildly successful. The show at the Walker Art Center on Thursday was AMAZING. I did the best, profit-wise, than I’ve ever done, and it was just a five-hour event. Yes, even better than a three-day Art Crawl. The show was so fun and well-organized, I met some killer artists, and I made some solid contacts. I would LOVE to do the Local Artist Gift Mart again at the Walker if they’d ask me back (please ask me back). The show I did yesterday at a coffee shop in North Minneapolis was abysmal. It was my least profitable show ever. The two bright spots were hanging out with Kathleen Casey of Knotty & Nice all day, and making a couple of possible contacts. Overall it was super disappointing and a waste of a day. I could have been at home working.

This week, I’ll slowly unpack my car, schedule in some much-needed “me time,” finish up my newsletter (it comes out on Thursday), and start gearing up for the huge huge huge Creative Connection Event that I’m participating in next month.

Oh yeah, and a dude from City Pages was at the Walker’s Local Artist Gift Mart, and he shot this photo of me and my Rockin’ Roll’er Coasters. Ha!

Christy Johnson at Walker's Local Artist Gift Mart

Me and my Rockin' Roll'er Coasters at the Walker's Local Artist Gift Mart


2 Comments on “Three shows in two weeks…done.”

  1. Wendy says:

    Cute dress! Where did you get it? Did this photo make it into the paper? That’d be schweet…

    • I’ll reveal my source to you in person…bwah-ah ahhhh…. Nope, the photo was just for the online photo story, I believe. He told me it was going to be online, so I’m assuming that’s where it stayed.

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