I’ve been a slacking on the blog!

Sorry to my faithful readers (all three of you) that I’ve been MIA the past few days. It’s been nutty ’round here. I’m still trying to clean up my apartment/car/storage unit after the three art shows I just wrapped up. And putting the finishing touches on my kitchen/work table has wedged itself into my workload, too. (Thanks for the help dad…I’ll be cleaning sawdust off of everything for months, I’m sure.) And then I did this cool networking event yesterday in the afternoon. Was invited by Julie Ann Segal of Metropolitan Interiors to join her and eight other women to take tours of four showrooms at Hirschfield’s and IMS in Minneapolis. It was SO fun and I met some great women who I know I’ll be networking with in the near future. The tours also inspired me creatively. I think if I come back in another life I’ll be an interior designer or a stylist for boutiques. Heck, maybe I’ll do a little boutique styling in THIS life! It seems right up my alley. I love setting up my tables for shows and finding cool ways to display my art pieces.

OK, off to more work. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s newsletter. If you’re not on my mailing list, let me know and I’ll get you all signed up!


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