Freelance Friday #2

I didn’t do a TON of work yesterday for Freelance Friday, but I did a lot of picking up ’round redshoes26 design headquarters, and running some errands. So today, Saturday, was more of my Freelance Friday.

I finally picked up all my art stuff from the multitude of shows I did this month, and even put my huge bins o’ artwork and inventory in my closet, so they’re not out in the open anymore. It looks incredible in my tiny studio apartment. I wish I had done that a long time ago. I also sanded and re-painted the kitchen/work table, after my dad and I fixed it the other night. I also half-heartedly cleaned off my office desk to make room for the laptop. Now all that needs to happen with the apartment revamp is to hang my framed art, which has been leaning against the wall since, oh, June, and scrub every inch of this nasty place. I’m not looking forward to that job, but it’ll feel awesome in here when it’s done.

Could this be a more boring post? Sigh. I was a snore today, I guess. Oh! On a design note, I made some note cards for my friend Julie Westbrock Healy, owner of Strike3 Pitching. Something to add to her identity system. Whoop! And I also cut a bunch more sleeves for my Rockin’ Roll’er Coasters, since I was getting pretty light on those.

I went to the Gopher vball game tonight (preseason tourney) with my sister W. It was really fun and the Gophs won in three. They all are tiny babies! I guess that’s because I’m not their age anymore. Sigh. I still feel like I am…does that count? I think I actually feel *better* than I did when I was their age. But I’m not swinging a bat 300 times a day and throwing a ball 500 times a day and sprinting for nearly two hours every day, either, like I was back then. Could be a factor.

G’night blogosphere.


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