It’s a no-go for No Coast

I didn’t get into No Coast Craft-o-Rama. Again. Pfft.


Ready to rock at The AZ

I got all of my pieces hung at The AZ Gallery last night. It took 2.5 hours, which is probably the longest it’s *ever* taken me to hang my work in a gallery. I won’t get into the details on why it was so nitpicky, but one large factor was that I was overly careful because I didn’t want anything to fall off the wall and break, which is what happened last time. Bad, bad, bad. Despite the time factor, I was happy when I realized, after filling out my inventory sheet (and seeing a FULL wall), that I have 16 pieces to show. This is about double what I thought I had! I’ve been productive this year. I still have some pieces I want to start–and one I need to finish–but seeing the jam-packed wall helped subside the feelings of “I need to make more, I need to make more….” Now anything I create (and possibly add to the gallery wall, since I’ll be showing at The AZ throughout October) will be icing on the cake.

My friend, DC Ice, who invited me to The AZ show as a member of the gallery, had a TON of new work. I’m so excited for her. It was great to see how productive she’s been since July when I last showed with her. And she illustrated a children’s book during that time, too! Sheesh. Girlfriend has been busy. I love her work so much and am going to take a piece home once and for all. I’m hoping to do that on Friday. I need her art on the walls of my home.

So, will I see y’all at the opening reception for the show this Friday, Oct. 1? It’s from 5-9 p.m. Do stop by!

Opportunities to excel abound (as my coworker always says)

There are some good vibes brewin’ round redshoes26 design headquarters. Last week I was contacted out of the blue by two show planners who asked if I would be interested in joining their events. I signed up for both! I will divulge said shows when the paperwork goes through and everything is inked in pen.

I also contacted an event planner from the Maplewood Community Center after my daddio gave me the heads up that the MCC is planning a 2010 Bridal Expo. Turns out there were two spots left, and I nabbed one of them. I’ll be showing my custom wedding invitation suites on Sunday, Oct. 17, from 1-3 p.m. There’s also a fashion show from 3-4. It’s a short show, and was kind of pricey to be a part of, but I’m going to see what comes of it. I’ve wanted to do a bridal fair/expo for some time now, so this will be a way to dip my toe into this side of my business. All of my wedding clients so far have been friends or friends of friends, and two have come from having my escort cards featured in Mpls.St.Paul Weddings magazine in 2008. I’m still so thankful for that wonderful press.

And, on Thursday I’m meeting with a fellow artist friend about a collaboration. It would involve her artwork and my wedding-suite design skillz. I will post more when the info is nailed down. I’m very excited for this opportunity!

And finally, from 5-9 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 1, I’ll be at The AZ Gallery in St. Paul for the opening reception for the art show that I was asked to be a part of. The show runs through Oct. 31 and includes the Saint Paul Art Crawl from Oct. 8-10. I’ll be at The AZ during the Crawl, so if you can’t make it out this Friday, be sure to swing by Oct. 8-10! I’ll be exhibiting my mixed-media shadowboxes (including two new ones that I created this week!) and possibly some of my drawings and digital collages, if I have room on my wall…. :^)

Times for the Crawl are as follows:

Friday, Oct. 8, 5-10 p.m.; Saturday, Oct. 9, noon-8 p.m.; Sunday, Oct. 10, noon-5 p.m.

See you there!

More Creative Connection…connections!

My new friend Cheri Meyer of From Out of the Cracks featured me on her blog today. Thanks Cheri! You’re a doll.

Client Spotlight

Each week Dunn & Semington Printing, one of my printing vendors, is posting a Client Spotlight on its website. This week the spotlight is on redshoes26 design! Check it out!

Day 4 (and final day) of The Creative Connection Event

The Creative Connection Event is now over. It was not a success, for me, anyway. And not for the vast majority of vendors I spoke with. There just weren’t the numbers that we had all planned and prepped for. I think in two years this event will be a must-visit, and even next year it’ll be highish on the list. But this year it was, unfortunately, a bust. I made some awesome connections (hey From Out of the Cracks, Wynzia, Suz and Roo, and J.Jewels Designs!), and I’m putting that in my pocket and going home.

One other big perk to the entire weekend was when *the* planner of The Creative Connection and all-around cool woman, Jo Packham, bought a set of Rockin’ Roll’er Coasters and a Somewhere Else print from me! AND she signed up for my newsletter mailing list. Swoon! It was very exciting.

Here’s Jo and Nancy Soriano speaking to attendies at the cocktail party Friday night, and a shot of our crazy group at said party. We had some good laughs!

jo and nancy

Jo Packham (left) & Nancy Soriano

tcce group

our crazy group on cocktail party night

Following are some photos of my table set-up. The lights in the venue were crappy, so they don’t look all that hot.


Rock'in Roll'er Coasters


mini collages


Mpls & St. Paul icon illustrations


mini pinback buttons


patterns card packs and gift tags


more of my card designs


my onesie designs

Day 3 of The Creative Connection Event

There were more people today at The Creative Connection Event! Just as we suspected. Still not *fabulous* numbers, but much, MUCH better than yesterday and Wednesday night. My mom came to sit with me today and that was so nice, so I got unlimited bathroom breaks and even got to do some shopping. That *might* not have been a good thing…haha. I restrained myself for the most part. One item was a small gift for my sister for Christmas. Shh….

I didn’t have an overwhelming amount of sales today, but when people bought, they bought several items. That was unusual, but kind of a fun phenomenon. I have no grasp on what’s selling because it seems like it’s been a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A few onesies, some mini buttons, several cards, two framed illustrations, and a set of Rockin’ Roll’er Coasters. The only thing I haven’t sold yet is a matted print or a mini collage. I’m crossing my fingers that changes tomorrow!

After the show we headed for some food with some local vendors and some non-locals, too. Then we went to a little cocktail party that the planners threw and had some good laughs. We’re all exhausted, so after one beer and a toast of champagne (from the planners, since this is the inaugural event), we were all pretty giddy. Then we caught the tail end of an Etsy talk, which was really informative. I look forward to learning even more about the ins and outs of Etsy and making my shop even better for shoppers (and profits).

When I got home, I saw I had an Etsy sale, even! Neat-o. A framed illustration.

Off to bed now. It’s gonna be another long day tomorrow. I’m hoping another long day with many many sales, and some even better connections. It’s been GREAT meeting the awesome vendors and some really cool visitors, too. I’ve had my networking hat on the entire time and it’s not coming off tomorrow, either. Hello, hat hair.

OK, now I *really* know it’s time for bed.