Freelance Friday #3

Sorry for the delay in posting about my most recent Freelance Friday. There was a holiday tossed in there, and lots and lots of running around, so I’m just getting to it now. I know you were *all* clamoring for it. Haha. Friday I did a little bit of work but mostly it was an “inspiration day” as I went to the MN State Fair with my friend J for a few hours and we watched Dessa perform. I love her! So quirky and bad ass. Later that night we went to see one of our favorite bands, Solid Gold. It was not their best performance because the drummer was missing and Zach was under the weather and hoarse. But it was still fun (despite the extreme cold…) and I got inspired by both of the performances we saw that day.

The rest of the weekend I did a little work here and there, but the big thing I did was finally update and refresh my website. Long overdue. I don’t love it because I’m not a web designer or developer and I have a hard time with web work, so I couldn’t get everything exactly how I wanted it. But for the most part I did most of what I had planned to. I would love to add lots and lots more images. Maybe I can find a good way to do that in the near future. I’ll keep tinkering. As they say, a website is *never* done! I hope you enjoy it.

Today I had an Etsy sale: a 6-pack of my PB&J cards. That card has definitely been a best-seller.

I’m also updating one of my pre-existing cards at the request of the Walker gift shop, since they asked for 24 packs of the tweaked design (it’s going to coincide with the newest exhibition opening this weekend!). I need to get cranking so I can deliver them on Friday as promised. I’ll post more about it when the day gets closer.


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