Freelance Friday #4

Not much to report on this past Freelance Friday. Ran around doing errands for the various shows and sales I’ve got ahead of me. Exciting.

Did get an opportunity on Thursday to bid on a logo for some apparel tags for an new fashion designer based in Chicago. She’s a friend of my friend L. I’m very excited for this opportunity! I sent her an estimate and some rough mockups yesterday. I usually don’t send mockups or even sketches at this stage, but she’s in a rush and I was inspired, so I did it. Fingers crossed I get the job. She’s got a women’s wear line as well, so maybe I’d also get to do logo work for that line, too, down the road. It just might fulfill my desire to be a fashion designer–living vicariously through her. Fashion design was my first “real” vocation aspiration when I was a kidlet. Right after trapeze artist….

Oh! Also on Thursday, I confirmed with my alma mater, The Art Institutes International Minnesota, that I would become part of their Graphic Design Advisory Board. I’m so excited to be a part of this! My first meeting with them is Thursday morning. Riiiiiight before I have to hustle over to the Hyatt downtown for The Creative Connection Event. Gonna be an insanely busy week. Bring it on!


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