You’re goin’ down, technology

It’s been a frustrating week at redshoes26 design HQ. My printer stopped working suddenly mid last week, and I kept getting a cryptic error message. Multiple tries on multiple days came up empty. Same incomprehensible message. So I called Apple Care and got some advice. Tried it, it didn’t work. Called back today and it worked. But now I don’t have my usual paper options and when I try and print some of my 5″ x 7″ prints (which are part of that large Etsy order I had the other day), they print out as minis. I can’t get them to print full-size, and I’m not sure what the problem is. Other than not having my usual paper-size options, all looks OK. But it’s not. Now I probably need to call the Epson experts to figure this one out. Hooray.

On the bright side, I can finish printing the card order for the Walker I briefly mentioned the other day. They requested a tweaked design of my existing Have a Snappy Birthday card to sell in the gift shop while the Alex Soth exhibition is at the Walker. It now says Have a Snappy Day. More general, which is good for the 1,000s of people who come to the gift shop from all around the world. They might not be looking for a birthday card per se, but if they see a general card they like, they’re gonna buy it. I hope they do!

OK, just noticed the cards aren’t printing perfectly, either. Better go call Epson….


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