Day 3 of The Creative Connection Event

There were more people today at The Creative Connection Event! Just as we suspected. Still not *fabulous* numbers, but much, MUCH better than yesterday and Wednesday night. My mom came to sit with me today and that was so nice, so I got unlimited bathroom breaks and even got to do some shopping. That *might* not have been a good thing…haha. I restrained myself for the most part. One item was a small gift for my sister for Christmas. Shh….

I didn’t have an overwhelming amount of sales today, but when people bought, they bought several items. That was unusual, but kind of a fun phenomenon. I have no grasp on what’s selling because it seems like it’s been a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A few onesies, some mini buttons, several cards, two framed illustrations, and a set of Rockin’ Roll’er Coasters. The only thing I haven’t sold yet is a matted print or a mini collage. I’m crossing my fingers that changes tomorrow!

After the show we headed for some food with some local vendors and some non-locals, too. Then we went to a little cocktail party that the planners threw and had some good laughs. We’re all exhausted, so after one beer and a toast of champagne (from the planners, since this is the inaugural event), we were all pretty giddy. Then we caught the tail end of an Etsy talk, which was really informative. I look forward to learning even more about the ins and outs of Etsy and making my shop even better for shoppers (and profits).

When I got home, I saw I had an Etsy sale, even! Neat-o. A framed illustration.

Off to bed now. It’s gonna be another long day tomorrow. I’m hoping another long day with many many sales, and some even better connections. It’s been GREAT meeting the awesome vendors and some really cool visitors, too. I’ve had my networking hat on the entire time and it’s not coming off tomorrow, either. Hello, hat hair.

OK, now I *really* know it’s time for bed.


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