Ready to rock at The AZ

I got all of my pieces hung at The AZ Gallery last night. It took 2.5 hours, which is probably the longest it’s *ever* taken me to hang my work in a gallery. I won’t get into the details on why it was so nitpicky, but one large factor was that I was overly careful because I didn’t want anything to fall off the wall and break, which is what happened last time. Bad, bad, bad. Despite the time factor, I was happy when I realized, after filling out my inventory sheet (and seeing a FULL wall), that I have 16 pieces to show. This is about double what I thought I had! I’ve been productive this year. I still have some pieces I want to start–and one I need to finish–but seeing the jam-packed wall helped subside the feelings of “I need to make more, I need to make more….” Now anything I create (and possibly add to the gallery wall, since I’ll be showing at The AZ throughout October) will be icing on the cake.

My friend, DC Ice, who invited me to The AZ show as a member of the gallery, had a TON of new work. I’m so excited for her. It was great to see how productive she’s been since July when I last showed with her. And she illustrated a children’s book during that time, too! Sheesh. Girlfriend has been busy. I love her work so much and am going to take a piece home once and for all. I’m hoping to do that on Friday. I need her art on the walls of my home.

So, will I see y’all at the opening reception for the show this Friday, Oct. 1? It’s from 5-9 p.m. Do stop by!


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