Freelance Friday #8

Today’s Freelance Friday is brought to you by the Letter T, which for me means Thank God I Got The Internet Back. I was without it for about a week and a half and, lo and behold, last night it decided to come back to me. There is no rhyme or reason to it coming or going, or at least none that I’ve ever been able to pin down. I’m just glad it’s back. A little slow, but back. No complaints.

In redshoes26 design news, I got two lamps for my lightbox this morning, so that is almost ready to go. I’m making a DIY lightbox so I can take product shots myself, rather than borrowing my (lovely) friend’s studio. All I need to do is cover the box in white fabric. Then I’ll be good to go. Might also get a little tripod for my camera if I can find one at a reasonable cost.

Today I also have a conference call with a client, Carrie Cunnington, and her business consultant. I designed Carrie’s preliminary identity design earlier this spring when she was known as Carrie Cunnington Consulting. But she’s recently changed her business name to Cunnington Shift, and now I’ll be tweaking her design to reflect this change. We’re going to hammer out details on the phone this afternoon, and then I’ll get started.

I also plan today to make the little fall treats I’ll be handing out to clients, collaborators, and store owners next week. It’s always nice to, about every four months, drop in and give them a little something to thank them for working with me!

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s beautiful outside in MN, so if you can, get out there and enjoy it.


I miss summer, Treasury edition

My Clara Baby giclee print was included in this lovely Treasury by a fellow HandmadeMN member. It’s called Last Weekend at the Lake. Sigh. It was a cold walk into work this morning.

Clara Baby giclee print by redshoes26 design

Clara Baby giclee print by redshoes26 design

Nokomis Urban Craft Fair

Mark your calendars, y’all! redshoes26 design will be here selling my greeting cards, framed illustrations, Rockin’ Roll’er Coasters, matted prints, onesies, pinback buttons, and mini collages.

Nokomis Urban Craft Fair flier

Nokomis Urban Craft Fair, Nov. 13

Freelance Friday #7

Freelance Friday was mostly spent getting new tires slapped on my ride. Needed to replace my bald ones before a hellish MN winter. Geh.

A bridal show and a wedding connection

Sunday I was a vendor at the 2010 Bridal Expo at the Maplewood Community Center. It was fairly well attended and I got a couple of decent prospects. But overall I’m not sure how well it went for me. I might have not been a good fit for the demographic that came to the event. But time will tell. On the flip side, I did get to talk with the guys from The Original Traveling Photo Booth, who insisted I get in the booth and take some photos. OK, twist my arm. We traded some collateral, since I love to promote people who do cool things to my clients and my network. They worked my friends J and B’s wedding about two years ago and did a fab job.

My big news today is that I met with the ladies of Commemorate the Date, Megan Moore and Hadley Barrows. We’ve been talking for weeks, but I can officially announce today that we are going to collaborate! I will be designing some wedding/event suites using Megan’s beautiful Commemorate the Date paintings. The suite pieces will be sold in a menu format, which will make it super easy for clients to choose from and get exactly what they want. Megan and Hadley are headed to Indie Wed in Chicago in January and plan to wow the event goers! It should be a ton of fun to design the templates, and a beautiful collaboration between redshoes26 design and Commemorate the Date!

Shows, shows, and even MORE shows

I’ve got a full load of shows on the docket this holiday season. I was accepted last week to the Nokomis Urban Craft Fair, and I just sent off my paperwork for the Gaviidae Market, which I will participate in every Thursday from November through December. And I also opened my email a few minutes ago to find an invitation to another show, which would take place downtown Minneapolis in mid December. Last year was their first crack at it and it went fairly smoothly (and I had decent sales…traffic was good), so I’ll probably dive into this one again. I’ll post info on it when I confirm that I’m in.

This morning, I also sent off an Etsy sale–a box of my Minneapolis icons greeting cards to a fellow in Northeast! I hope he enjoys them.

Oh, and if you are getting married anytime next year or soon after, or know someone who is, come on down to the Maplewood Community Center and find me at the 2010 Bridal Expo. I’ll be showing my wedding suites and selling some greeting cards and buttons. It’s from noon-3 p.m. in the upstairs area. I would love to see you!

Another show added to my calendar

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been officially selected to be a vendor at the Third Annual Nokomis Urban Craft Fair, from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 13, at the Nokomis Community Center in Minneapolis (2401 E. Minnehaha Pkwy., 55417). I’m one of 32 talented and diverse local vendors who will be participating in the event. It’ll be a great place to find one-of-a-kind holiday gift items for your friends and fam. And you may just find a little gifty item to take home for yourself. ;^) Mark your calendars!