Freelance Friday #6

Freelance Friday last week was spent mostly at The AZ Gallery in St. Paul. Friday night was the kickoff of the Saint Paul Art Crawl. Lowertown was hopping with art afficiandos and newbies, and the gallery was pretty packed all night. It was difficult to find a place to stand! Thanks to all of my friends and family who came out to support me and my artwork, and to a certain someone for dropping off a very nice card. The weekend at the gallery with the artists of the AZ was very fun, and I’m happy to report that the gorgeous, gorgeous weather trumped the awful construction mucking up the entire Lowertown area.

I’m disappointed to report, however, that I was the only artist of the entire group to not sell a piece! I’m scratching my head and licking my wounds a bit, but it’s OK. My work will be up through the end of the month, so maybe someone will still walk into the AZ, fall in love, and take a piece home. That would make me smile.

While I am disappointed I didn’t sell anything, I’m very happy with the interest my work generated. I had some wonderful conversations with patrons about my art, and really enjoyed watching their faces while they pored over each piece. It’s especially fun to watch people interact with my mixed-media shadowboxes. They get their faces RIGHT UP NEXT TO the glass, examining every detail inside. That is really fascinating and thrilling to watch. I love how interested they are. So, yes, there were no sales, but I had some great interactions and learned from my experience. I’ll put it all in my pocket and use it for next time.


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