Freelance Friday #8

Today’s Freelance Friday is brought to you by the Letter T, which for me means Thank God I Got The Internet Back. I was without it for about a week and a half and, lo and behold, last night it decided to come back to me. There is no rhyme or reason to it coming or going, or at least none that I’ve ever been able to pin down. I’m just glad it’s back. A little slow, but back. No complaints.

In redshoes26 design news, I got two lamps for my lightbox this morning, so that is almost ready to go. I’m making a DIY lightbox so I can take product shots myself, rather than borrowing my (lovely) friend’s studio. All I need to do is cover the box in white fabric. Then I’ll be good to go. Might also get a little tripod for my camera if I can find one at a reasonable cost.

Today I also have a conference call with a client, Carrie Cunnington, and her business consultant. I designed Carrie’s preliminary identity design earlier this spring when she was known as Carrie Cunnington Consulting. But she’s recently changed her business name to Cunnington Shift, and now I’ll be tweaking her design to reflect this change. We’re going to hammer out details on the phone this afternoon, and then I’ll get started.

I also plan today to make the little fall treats I’ll be handing out to clients, collaborators, and store owners next week. It’s always nice to, about every four months, drop in and give them a little something to thank them for working with me!

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s beautiful outside in MN, so if you can, get out there and enjoy it.


2 Comments on “Freelance Friday #8”

  1. Wendy says:

    I got my camera tripod at National Camera. I think it was about $25. It’s one that you can wrap around things so it stays put. I think it’s called a monster or gorilla or something like that?? It looks like pop-beads :)

  2. Thanks! I’ll look there.

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