Crawling to the surface

Sorry, redshoes nation, for my lack of posts lately. I got knocked out by a cold for a few days and am now finally starting to feel better. I didn’t do much for about four or five straight days, including hop on el interneto. But here I am.

One exciting thing I want to share that I worked on a bit through my sickness (because time was of the essence I got my creaky bones out of bed) is the one-sheet I created for my friend’s band, The Western Ridge. I got very positive feedback on it from the band, which was fun! It’s almost ready to go and will next be printed and distributed. For those of you who don’t know what a one-sheet is–and I didn’t until a band member clued me in–it’s an 8.5 x 11 sheet that is sent to radio stations, etc., when bands send in their albums for possible airplay. It includes a little info about the band, the album’s release date, track listings (names, times, short descriptions), and a photo of the band and the band’s album cover and/or logo. Oh! And contact info. It was really fun to do and I’m excited that my design will (hopefully) help The Western Ridge get their music on the airwaves. If you haven’t seen them live yet, check them out–their show list is on their Myspace page! Their CD release show on Oct. 23 was so great.


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