Extra! Extra! Read all about it! (Finally.)

OK, so it was waaaaay back on Nov. 23 that I last posted about the news I’d been wanting to share. You know, all that “rumble, rumble…do you hear it?” stuff. Well, you probably know by now my “news” if you’re a loyal reader of my redshoes news newsletter, or if you’re a friend of mine. The wait has been long and you *might* have lost interest, but the news is that I left my full-time graphic design job and am now working full-time on redshoes26 design. I’m a full-time freelancer!

My last official day at my day job was Jan. 4, and I’ve been LOVING working 100% from home (or wherever my laptop can go!). I’ve been very, very productive every day, I love having a squishy schedule, and I absolutely adore feeling the huge sense of accomplishment every night when I go to bed and think about everything I’ve done that day or everything I’m working on or everything I have planned for this year. I know there will be tough times, money-wise, while I’m getting started out, but I’ve been working on redshoes26 design for five years, and I’m thrilled to finally have all of my time to devote to it, and not just on nights and weekends. I think I will benefit from that, and I *know* my clients will benefit from that. They’ll have more of my time and I’ll be able to get them what they need faster and more efficiently.

On a different note, it’s wedding season! Yesterday I took part in the Mpls.St.Paul Bridal Party at The Minneapolis Depot. I was there with my recent collaborators-in-crime, Commemorate the Date. It was a fun show and I met some really cool brides- and grooms-to-be, and some inspiring fellow vendors! I’m looking forward to working on many wedding suites in the coming year. In fact, I have a consultation with a bride-to-be and her mom tonight! It’s gonna be really fun. I heart working with couples on their wedding designs. Do you know someone who is getting hitched? If so, send ’em my way!