What’s iconic to you?

Some of my most popular items at the local shops I’m in, the art shows I sell at, and in my Etsy shop are my mini framed illustrations of Minneapolis and St. Paul icons. I’ve currently got two sets of Minneapolis icons (six in a set), and one set of St. Paul icons, which I sell framed and also as boxed sets of greeting cards. (NOTE: my new Minneapolis card and illustration sets are not yet in my Etsy shop…I’m waiting on some potential new frames.)

First Ave. icon illustration by redshoes26 design

First Avenue icon illustration by redshoes26 design

I’m thinking of doing another set for St. Paul, but need some more ideas. Can I have your feedback? I have two right now that are “for sures,” and one “maybe” because it’s in North St. Paul, which is not technically St. Paul. So I might expand this St. Paul set to all of the “St. Pauls” in Minnesota: North St. Paul, West St. Paul, South St. Paul, and the East Side of St. Paul. Here’s what I am set on, and also what I’m mulling over:

St. Paul : Minnesota Centennial Showboat, Landmark Center (these two ideas came from a potential Etsy customer), Science Museum of MN

North  St. Paul : North St. Paul Snowman

South St. Paul: Wacouta Bridge

What other ideas would you throw into the ring? Should I stick with St. Paul specifically, or expand?

I might also do *another* set of Minneapolis icons because I thought of more good ideas, and had one tossed my way from a visitor at Art-A-Whirl last weekend. Here are my ideas:

Minneapolis : Varsity Theater marquee, Weisman Art Museum (visitor’s idea…I’ve thought of this before but didn’t pull the trigger because I wasn’t sure it would work with my style…but on second thought, I think it could)

I’d love to do the Walker Art Center, but I think in my style it would look like a big grey box. And as many of you know, Spoonbridge and Cherry is out, due to the designer’s estate poo-pooing an old illustration of mine.

I think the state of MN in general should get some love. I had a request a few weeks ago to do an illustration of Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox. So that one is definitely on my radar. I think it would be so cute. What other general MN icons would be good fits for my illustration style?

Should I expand to other icons throughout the world, or keep these local? Notre Dame, La Tour Eiffel, Sacre Coeur, Big Ben, the Golden Gate Bridge, etc., etc.?


6 Comments on “What’s iconic to you?”

  1. katie d. says:

    If you did include West St. Paul you could include the JT’s Hamburgers joint on Robert Street (awesome signage) or the monument at the smallest park in the world (Albert Park). Can you tell I’m from there? I’d totally buy ’em. But there are plenty of St. Paul landmarks if you wanna keep it pure….

    • Thanks for your ideas, Katie! I don’t think I knew you are from WSP. I don’t know about these iconic landmarks, but I’ll definitely check them out. I really appreciate you reading, and for taking the time to comment.

  2. i’d love to see you do a minnesota set! the ariel bridge in duluth immediately comes to mind. maybe the chain of lakes from above? isn’t there a big fish near the shore of lake mille lacs? yes! it’s a walleye!

    • Ooh, Duluth! How has that not gotten on my radar yet? This is a rad idea. I like your others a lot too, and they’ve been added to my list! Thanks so much for reading and suggesting.

  3. To go along with Jen you should also do Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox in Brainerd…they are still there- they have just been moved to South Brainerd.

    A St Paul one you could do is Snuffy’s Malt Shop…they have a cute storefront (and good malts too).

    In regards to national… I think the Walldrug sign would be fun. What a disappointing stop!

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