It’s *almost* debut time!

My framed Minnesota Icon illustrations have become quite popular in the last year. I’ve expanded my first six-piece Minneapolis set to include another six pieces, and I’m still selling the six-piece St. Paul set. In addition, I’m now branching out into the entire state of Minnesota, and have added icons such as the Paul Bunyan Statue and the North St. Paul Snowman. It’s been really fun to talk with people about what icons they’d like to see, and trying to come up with interesting places and things that I can create well using my style of drawing.

North St. Paul Snowman illustration by redshoes26 design

North St. Paul Snowman illustration by redshoes26 design

This weekend I’ll be showing work at the SoundTown Music Festival in Somerset, WI, and my framed illustrations will be the highlight of my booth. Not only will I be showing off the newest additions to my arsenal, but also the beautiful handmade frames they will now come in!

That’s right, I’ve conspired with my handy daddio to create almost identical–but better–tiny black frames to show off these cute little illustrations. I’ve always wanted these pieces to be completely handmade, and have felt guilty about having them be partially store-bought. And the store I buy them from has made it increasingly difficult for me to make any kind of purchase in bulk, let alone sell a product that’s up to my high standards.

So after a year of mulling it over with the pops, he and I came up with a prototype last week and he was busy all weekend cranking out awesome little black frames (I played the ever-so-important role as supervisor). They’re gorgeous! And he’s doing it all for less than I was spending on the little jerks I was buying at the store.

I don’t think people will miss the store-bought frames at all. I’m confident I won’t.


4 Comments on “It’s *almost* debut time!”

  1. Christy…that’s seriously awesome! I’m excited to see the final product! Good luck in Somerset… I love the snowman by the way! :)

  2. Luanne says:

    I saw these in Corozon! LOVE them and want the entire Minneapolis set!

  3. Thanks, Kati! I’m really excited that they’re going to be 100% handmade. Finally!

    Luanne – I love hearing from you! Thanks so much for the note, and for the love! My Etsy shop has every illustration I’ve done so far ( Let me know if you have ideas for new icons, or if you’d like to snag a few! Thanks again.

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