A little help from my friends

I decided a month or two ago to join the CRAVE Minneapolis guide. It’s a large resource for women-run businesses, and it’s the second issue for our state (the first edition sold out!). I’m really excited to be in the pages amongst so many talented female entrepreneurs, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to be profiled. But I couldn’t do it alone!

CRAVE Minneapolis guide, due out in mid November

CRAVE Minneapolis guide, due out in mid November

Part of the two-page spread each of the businesses has is a Q&A. We are given questions, and we answer them all in our own words. Then the coordinator of the book, Kathy Hanson of Backpocket Strategy, chooses which of our answers will run. Our profiles also include photographs of ourselves and our work, and we coordinate with a photographer to make that happen. We direct the photo shoots and choose images to send to the publication’s art department, and they decide which three to five photos run in our profiles.

I chose to have my photographs taken by Jennie Sewell of Sewell Photography. I was lucky enough to have my photo shoot at the studio she shares with her sister, Jackie Just of Just Bloomed. Jennie’s photos turned out great–I can’t wait for the books to come out in November so you all can see my work!

Part of the reason the shots of my wedding suite designs were so cool is that I added pops of color and visual interest with flowers that Jackie had on hand. She was busy that  morning creating fabulous (FABulous!) wedding bouquets, but she took the time to make sure I had what I needed and was so helpful and generous.

Jennie Sewell and Jackie Just are true gems. Check out their websites, and be sure to consider them if you need photography or flowers. They both do an outstanding job and are wonderful people and business owners. They, too, will be featured in the CRAVE Minneapolis book!


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