Do you send holiday cards?

I usually create a new holiday card every year, and this year was no different. However, they don’t sell that well anymore. Not that they ever did sell like gangbusters.

Holiday Card with trees

Holiday Card with trees by redshoes26 design

I want to continue coming up with ideas for holiday cards every year, but it seems they don’t sell well at my art shows. And only one of my stores (out of six) chose to carry them this year. In the past, three stores have carried them.

So I’m wondering: Is it worth my time to create holiday cards? I sell a few packs each year, and a few gift tags, too (I make those, too…but haven’t made new designs for about two years).

Do you make holiday cards? Do they sell well for you?

Do you send holiday cards? If so, what kind? I feel like most people send those photo cards now. Is that why my holiday card sales are down? Or do people in general just not send them anymore? I get a few from friends and family each year, which makes me think people DO still send them. But yes, the majority are the photo cards. I don’t want to get into designing the photo cards.

Let’s discuss….


3 Comments on “Do you send holiday cards?”

  1. jen says:

    i do send holiday cards, and each year i try to design a new card to send to friends and family. i usually assemble them by hand…

    from a business perspective, this is my second year selling holiday goods, and i’m selling the same design of holiday cards i sold last year. they aren’t selling like hotcakes, and i think i might retire the design after this season – it feels weird to keep bringing them out of storage and trying to see if this is the year they’ll sell!

    a friend is designing photo cards, but she’s really new and i don’t think enough people know about her work yet. photo cards seem to be popular: they are personal because they’re a photo, so you can get away with not needing to write a long note to the recipient.

    so this year, i’m taking my unsold stock from the shop and sending those to my friends and family. that way i don’t need to come up with a new design, and i can get rid of old inventory!

    • I hear you, Jen. Almost the exact same situation here. I almost sent out the past years’ cards this year, but decided to see if THIS was the year they’d sell! Nope. So maybe I’ll do that next year.

      The second I stop making them though, I know people are going to ask, “Do you sell holiday cards?” Haha.

  2. Linda says:

    Since I no longer slave over a 50hrs+/week job I have been making my own xmas cards to send out to friends and families. I haven’t tried selling them to the public but people that I send it to loves receiving it. This past xmas I received nothing but photo cards which is annoying!! They are very impersonal and insensitive not to mentioned the inability to hang the greeting cards on the mantle. Due to all the technologies that now surround us people seems to have become detach and insensitive. I would send a greeting card before I’d send a photo card!! Photo cards are pretty much in the same category as SPAM emails.

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