Tip back a pint to celebrate the New Year!

I suppose you *could* drink champagne from a pint glass. I wouldn’t judge you. I’m not fancy.

Have you seen the artist-designed pint glasses at the Walker Shop yet? Some of you know that my design was one of six chosen as part of the mnartists.marketplace competition earlier this summer. My Babe the Blue Ox illustration, one of my Minnesota Icons, was (I’m told) unanimously picked to grace the side of pint glasses sold in the shop, which made me all kinds of excited. They hit shelves in mid November.

I’ve sold cards in the Walker Shop for about two years, but to now be part of this is just extra special to me.

Babe the Blue Ox illustration by redshoes26 design

Babe the Blue Ox illustration by redshoes26 design

The sets are currently available in the shop for $50, and they’re high-quality pint glasses. I’m really impressed with how thick and substantial they are. I love using them.

Here’s an extra-added bonus: The six-glass sets come with a coupon for two free beers at Gather, the Walker’s bar/restaurant!

So this Saturday, when you ring in the New Year, maybe you will fill your Babe the Blue Ox glass with beer. Or maybe champagne. Or root beer. Whatever you fill it with, have a Happy New Year from your favorite place to go for Minneapolis graphic design, redshoes26 design!


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