Two weeks, two new jobs

What a month July has been so far. I went from having a full-time job and two smallish part-time jobs, to having one full-time job, one medium-sized part-time job, one quarterly job, and just one smallish part-time job.

Got all that?


I don’t blame you. Lemme explain.

Full-time job: redshoes26 design. If you’re a visitor to this blog, you likely know about that. My baby. My most awesome job on the planet.

Former smallish part-time job: I was working a couple days a week as a sales associate at Patina.

New medium part-time job: As of last week, when I was asked to interview for and awarded the job in a two-day stretch, I’m now working for the Patina *offices* as the Graphic Production Coordinator. I start next week! I’ll be coordinating the images and content on the Patina website, doing some photo correction, writing for the blog, updating their Facebook page, etc. I’m very excited. And I heart hiring from within.

patina screen capture

I’ll be working on Patina’s website, doing things like coordinating trends (screen grab from

Quarterly job: This week I also interviewed for and was awarded (again in a two-day stretch) the role of Art Director for MNFashion. It started very randomly in that I knew the former Art Director, James McCrae, from being a fellow alum with him at The Art Institutes International Minnesota. I saw one day he Tweeted about his job, and I Tweeted back that I was envious. Travel ahead in time a few months and he’s chosen to move out of state, so he contacted me to see if I’d like to succeed him at MNFashion. He and I then met with the Creative Director at MNFashion, Kirsten Berg, and voilá—I’m hired. Since MNFashion produces Minnesota’s four big fashion shows, I’ll be very, very busy with design for the organization about four times a year. I can’t wait to get started on the graphics for Fall Fashion Week, which takes place in September. Me + Art + Fashion = Mind Explosion x 10.

mnfashion website

I can’t wait ’til Fall Fashion Week! (screen grab from

Smallish part-time job: As of mid June I’m working two mornings a week at my gym. I figured I was there all the time anyway, I might as well get paid for it. Ha. (And now I might need the stress relief with the above schedule, eh?)

To me, this is proof that the universe does listen. I’ve been asking for more work opportunities since January, and *kaboom!* Here they are, all at once. When it rains, it pours, but I’m so grateful.


One Comment on “Two weeks, two new jobs”

  1. cherishdesigns says:

    Wow! Huge Congratulations on all of your amazing and fun new opportunities! Super excited for you! :-) Kris

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