Show me the art

It’s Minnesota Icon Madness at redshoes26 design headquarters! In the past three weeks I had *six* custom Icon orders, two inquiries about possible custom Icons, and a sale to one buyer…for 16 Icons (and she already wants eight more). So fun! On top of that, I’ve restocked my inventory of Icons at several of the local shops that carry them.

Cossetta Italian Market - Minnesota Icon by redshoes26 design

Cossetta Italian Market – Minnesota Icon by redshoes26 design

One of the best things about being an artist is seeing the excitement on people’s faces when they see—and love—my work for the first time. The woman who ordered 16 Icons was so thrilled you’d have thought I’d just handed her a winning lottery ticket. It was such an incredible feeling to witness her reaction, especially when she said she has been “obsessed” with them for months, after finding them in my Etsy shop. She said her friends are tired of her talking constantly about them. Ha!

She’s going to hang them all together in the kitchen of the house she just moved into. I asked for a photo when they’re up, and she said she’d be happy to send me one.

It’s something I’ve thought of before, so I’ll toss it to all of you as well: Will you send me photos of my art in use? Have you bought an Icon from me, or a mixed-media shadowbox, or even a greeting card? If so, is it hanging on your wall, sitting on your shelf, or even tacked up to your bulletin board (in the case of the card)? If so, I’d love to see a quick snap of it!

Or, have I designed wedding stationery for you? Has it been professionally captured by your photographer at your wedding or reception? I’d love love love to see the shots.

It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy to see my work in use. Just as happy as it made you to see it for the first time, I hope!


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