Freelance Friday #8

Today’s Freelance Friday is brought to you by the Letter T, which for me means Thank God I Got The Internet Back. I was without it for about a week and a half and, lo and behold, last night it decided to come back to me. There is no rhyme or reason to it coming or going, or at least none that I’ve ever been able to pin down. I’m just glad it’s back. A little slow, but back. No complaints.

In redshoes26 design news, I got two lamps for my lightbox this morning, so that is almost ready to go. I’m making a DIY lightbox so I can take product shots myself, rather than borrowing my (lovely) friend’s studio. All I need to do is cover the box in white fabric. Then I’ll be good to go. Might also get a little tripod for my camera if I can find one at a reasonable cost.

Today I also have a conference call with a client, Carrie Cunnington, and her business consultant. I designed Carrie’s preliminary identity design earlier this spring when she was known as Carrie Cunnington Consulting. But she’s recently changed her business name to Cunnington Shift, and now I’ll be tweaking her design to reflect this change. We’re going to hammer out details on the phone this afternoon, and then I’ll get started.

I also plan today to make the little fall treats I’ll be handing out to clients, collaborators, and store owners next week. It’s always nice to, about every four months, drop in and give them a little something to thank them for working with me!

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s beautiful outside in MN, so if you can, get out there and enjoy it.


Freelance Friday #7

Freelance Friday was mostly spent getting new tires slapped on my ride. Needed to replace my bald ones before a hellish MN winter. Geh.

Freelance Friday #6

Freelance Friday last week was spent mostly at The AZ Gallery in St. Paul. Friday night was the kickoff of the Saint Paul Art Crawl. Lowertown was hopping with art afficiandos and newbies, and the gallery was pretty packed all night. It was difficult to find a place to stand! Thanks to all of my friends and family who came out to support me and my artwork, and to a certain someone for dropping off a very nice card. The weekend at the gallery with the artists of the AZ was very fun, and I’m happy to report that the gorgeous, gorgeous weather trumped the awful construction mucking up the entire Lowertown area.

I’m disappointed to report, however, that I was the only artist of the entire group to not sell a piece! I’m scratching my head and licking my wounds a bit, but it’s OK. My work will be up through the end of the month, so maybe someone will still walk into the AZ, fall in love, and take a piece home. That would make me smile.

While I am disappointed I didn’t sell anything, I’m very happy with the interest my work generated. I had some wonderful conversations with patrons about my art, and really enjoyed watching their faces while they pored over each piece. It’s especially fun to watch people interact with my mixed-media shadowboxes. They get their faces RIGHT UP NEXT TO the glass, examining every detail inside. That is really fascinating and thrilling to watch. I love how interested they are. So, yes, there were no sales, but I had some great interactions and learned from my experience. I’ll put it all in my pocket and use it for next time.

Freelance Friday #5

Since I had the opening reception for the show at The AZ Gallery on Friday, I didn’t get much done, freelance wise. So, nothing to report, other than running around making sure everything was ready to go. And then getting stuck in traffic and showing up 15 after the show opened. Blerg…construction and road closures.

Freelance Friday #4

Not much to report on this past Freelance Friday. Ran around doing errands for the various shows and sales I’ve got ahead of me. Exciting.

Did get an opportunity on Thursday to bid on a logo for some apparel tags for an new fashion designer based in Chicago. She’s a friend of my friend L. I’m very excited for this opportunity! I sent her an estimate and some rough mockups yesterday. I usually don’t send mockups or even sketches at this stage, but she’s in a rush and I was inspired, so I did it. Fingers crossed I get the job. She’s got a women’s wear line as well, so maybe I’d also get to do logo work for that line, too, down the road. It just might fulfill my desire to be a fashion designer–living vicariously through her. Fashion design was my first “real” vocation aspiration when I was a kidlet. Right after trapeze artist….

Oh! Also on Thursday, I confirmed with my alma mater, The Art Institutes International Minnesota, that I would become part of their Graphic Design Advisory Board. I’m so excited to be a part of this! My first meeting with them is Thursday morning. Riiiiiight before I have to hustle over to the Hyatt downtown for The Creative Connection Event. Gonna be an insanely busy week. Bring it on!

Freelance Friday #3

Sorry for the delay in posting about my most recent Freelance Friday. There was a holiday tossed in there, and lots and lots of running around, so I’m just getting to it now. I know you were *all* clamoring for it. Haha. Friday I did a little bit of work but mostly it was an “inspiration day” as I went to the MN State Fair with my friend J for a few hours and we watched Dessa perform. I love her! So quirky and bad ass. Later that night we went to see one of our favorite bands, Solid Gold. It was not their best performance because the drummer was missing and Zach was under the weather and hoarse. But it was still fun (despite the extreme cold…) and I got inspired by both of the performances we saw that day.

The rest of the weekend I did a little work here and there, but the big thing I did was finally update and refresh my website. Long overdue. I don’t love it because I’m not a web designer or developer and I have a hard time with web work, so I couldn’t get everything exactly how I wanted it. But for the most part I did most of what I had planned to. I would love to add lots and lots more images. Maybe I can find a good way to do that in the near future. I’ll keep tinkering. As they say, a website is *never* done! I hope you enjoy it.

Today I had an Etsy sale: a 6-pack of my PB&J cards. That card has definitely been a best-seller.

I’m also updating one of my pre-existing cards at the request of the Walker gift shop, since they asked for 24 packs of the tweaked design (it’s going to coincide with the newest exhibition opening this weekend!). I need to get cranking so I can deliver them on Friday as promised. I’ll post more about it when the day gets closer.

Freelance Friday #2

I didn’t do a TON of work yesterday for Freelance Friday, but I did a lot of picking up ’round redshoes26 design headquarters, and running some errands. So today, Saturday, was more of my Freelance Friday.

I finally picked up all my art stuff from the multitude of shows I did this month, and even put my huge bins o’ artwork and inventory in my closet, so they’re not out in the open anymore. It looks incredible in my tiny studio apartment. I wish I had done that a long time ago. I also sanded and re-painted the kitchen/work table, after my dad and I fixed it the other night. I also half-heartedly cleaned off my office desk to make room for the laptop. Now all that needs to happen with the apartment revamp is to hang my framed art, which has been leaning against the wall since, oh, June, and scrub every inch of this nasty place. I’m not looking forward to that job, but it’ll feel awesome in here when it’s done.

Could this be a more boring post? Sigh. I was a snore today, I guess. Oh! On a design note, I made some note cards for my friend Julie Westbrock Healy, owner of Strike3 Pitching. Something to add to her identity system. Whoop! And I also cut a bunch more sleeves for my Rockin’ Roll’er Coasters, since I was getting pretty light on those.

I went to the Gopher vball game tonight (preseason tourney) with my sister W. It was really fun and the Gophs won in three. They all are tiny babies! I guess that’s because I’m not their age anymore. Sigh. I still feel like I am…does that count? I think I actually feel *better* than I did when I was their age. But I’m not swinging a bat 300 times a day and throwing a ball 500 times a day and sprinting for nearly two hours every day, either, like I was back then. Could be a factor.

G’night blogosphere.