This week : WAM Holiday Sale & No Coast Craft-O-Rama

It’s another two-fer!

From 3-6pm on Wednesday, Dec. 4, I’ll have my State Icons, mini ornaments, and card boxes for sale at the WAM Holiday Sale, which takes place in the Weisman Art Museum’s Riverview Gallery. You’ll also find at this show jewelry by Larissa Loden, and the work of other local artisans.

Weisman Art Museum - State Icon by redshoes26

Weisman Art Museum – State Icon by redshoes26

Then, from 3-8pm on Friday, Dec. 6, and 9am-5pm on Saturday, Dec. 7, I’ll be at No Coast Craft-O-Rama at the Midtown Global Market in Uptown. I’m so excited for this show! It’s the craft fair of the year for Minnesotans, and I’ve tried for six years to get in. I guess the sixth was the charm! I’m really looking forward to it. You can get all of your holiday shopping done at this one show. Find all of the talented vendors here.

Midtown Global Market - State Icon by redshoes26

Midtown Global Market – State Icon by redshoes26

Bring a friend and some comfy shoes!


What didn’t fit : Roger Barrett & Sam Beberg

Roger Barrett and Sam Beberg are the co-owners of Pharmacie, a new home furnishings, accessories, and gift shop in Uptown in Minneapolis. I worked with Roger at the Science Museum of Minnesota years ago, and am really excited for his and Sam’s new venture. Both still work at their day jobs in addition to running the shop, so they’ve been insanely busy. But all the hard work has been paying off. If you haven’t stopped in yet, you should! It’s got a different vibe than any other shop in the Twin Cities, and I love it. (Oh, and yes, disclaimer, they do carry my work!)


Roger Barrett (left) and Sam Beberg, co-owners of Pharmacie in Minneapolis.

Roger Barrett (left) and Sam Beberg, co-owners of Pharmacie in Minneapolis.

Hey Roger and Sam! What are your guys’ backgrounds?
We’re both Minnesota natives. Sam is from Grand Marais, and I (Roger) am from Brooklyn Park. My background is in graphic and exhibition design, and Sam’s is in the restaurant business. He worked previously as a chef at Chez Bananas and Table of Contents, and currently co-owns Hot Plate in South Minneapolis.

What is Pharmacie?
We’re not a drug store! But we like to think, in a way, that we’re offering the same idea—a place where people can come fill a prescription…for design. In all seriousness, we’re a modern home furnishings, accessories, and gift store with a focus on up-and-coming small designers from around the country, layered with select vintage finds. We have a varied and eclectic mix of products at all price points. Offerings range from jewelry to sofas, glassware to backpacks, lighting to bottle openers, side tables to soap dishes.

When did you start talking about opening up a shop, and why did you want to?
We’ve been dreaming of this, separately, for a lifetime. But together, we’ve talked about it for at least three years. And we’ve been actively researching product, vibe, and location for the last two years.

Why did you want to open a shop?
Because we love and appreciate well-designed objects and environments, and want to share that love with our friends, neighbors, and customers.

How did it come about, and how long did long did it take?
I’m not exactly certain how the idea was born. Probably during some late-night furniture re-arranging in our apartment. I probably told Sam, “You’re really good at this. You should open a design store!”

As for the name, it was initially conceived over two years ago when the old Burch Pharmacy space in Uptown became vacant. We thought it would be the perfect spot for a home design store. And why not give a nod to the history of the building and call it Pharmacie? Obviously, we didn’t take that location, but the name stuck. We love the tongue-and-cheek nature of being named something that we’re not, but in a way still providing the same services: a prescription for design; an RX for a beautiful life.

What kind of research did you do?
The internet, gift shows in New York and San Francisco, the internet, friends, scoping out shops and products wherever we travel to, the internet…. Thank god for the internet, and for the husband and wife making furniture in their garage!

Who and/or what has been helpful in getting this going?
Without a doubt it’s been family and friends. People have been incredibly supportive of our idea and this project. And since we’ve opened, it’s been amazing how much support we’ve gotten from the neighborhood. People are pretty stoked that we’ve moved in.

You did a lot of the work in the shop yourselves. Can you tell us about that?
All I gotta say is we need better tools.

After you passed up the Burch spot, how did you choose your current space?
We looked forever at locations all over Minneapolis, but always knew we wanted to be in a vibrant neighborhood, and be close to restaurants, bars, and other shops.

What’s great about your location?
We couldn’t be happier with where we landed. We have great neighbors—World Street KitchenSooVacMoxie—that have all been incredibly supportive of our venture. And the neighboring residents are really excited about the addition to the ‘hood. The space itself is perfect, too. We love all the great windows and the raw finishing of the space.

What’s “Home” to you?
Home is a delicious meal, a good drink, easygoing friends, a good joke…and some items from Pharmacie!

How do you choose your products?
We love objects that are sexy, funny, beautiful, unique, hand-crafted, modern, luxurious, expensive, a good value, fragrant, comfortable, black, pink, white, brass…or any combination of the above.

What are some of your favorite products?
Right now our favorite products are a box of condoms imprinted with “Thanks for nothing,” and the 3D-printed skulls.

What’s in store in the near future?
Oof. We have big dreams. But for now, it’s all about getting through the holidays.

Why should people shop at Pharmacie?
We have a great selection of unique objects presented in a warm, welcoming, modern environment.

Do you have any events coming up we should know about?
We’re doing a Small Business Saturday happy hour from 6-9pm on Nov. 30.

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What didn’t fit : Ashley Kilcher

I haven’t known Ashley Kilcher long. The owner of the clothing, makeup, and home boutique Roe Wolfe in Minneapolis came as a guest to the HAMMS (Help a Minnesota Maker Succeed) Event this past April, and stopped by my booth. It was funny, because I had been thinking about contacting Roe Wolfe about possibly carrying my work, and there she was, handing me her business card because she wanted my State Icons in her boutique. It’s like she read my mind!

Since that time, my little illustrations have been a smash hit at Roe Wolfe, and through Nov. 1 you can actually find my entire collection—more than 100 State Icons—on the boutique’s gallery wall. Also in that short time, Ashley and I have become not only business partners, but friends. I got much more than I bargained for back in April, and I couldn’t be happier.

Ashley Kilcher, owner of and makeup artist at Minneapolis-based boutique, Roe Wolfe.

Ashley Kilcher, owner of and makeup artist at Minneapolis-based boutique, Roe Wolfe.

Hey Ashley! Tell us about you. 
I’m a born and raised Minnesotan, and grew up just outside of the Twin Cities. One of my first jobs in high school was at a hair salon, and I had a manager there who, after work, taught me to cut hair. I went to college for a bit, then decided to go to beauty school. I went to Scot Lewis in Bloomington, and while I was there, I took some makeup workshops from James Ryder. I was invited to his intensive course in Los Angeles, and my love for makeup continued. I worked in a salon for short while after school, and then at MAC Cosmetics. I wanted to get into runway, so I answered an ad for a show. I emailed the lead, asking for an opportunity to assist.

After my husband and I had our first baby, I stayed home and continued to freelance for a few years. Most of my freelance work was in the fashion world, and two years ago, after collaborating with another artist, Roe Wolfe was born. [We opened the shop in Mendota Heights, and it] was a place to center my makeup work and love for fashion.

Tell us about Roe Wolfe. 
We moved the boutique from Mendota Heights to Minneapolis this summer, and we’re loving the new location! It’s bigger, and has a brighter feeling. We love having a location where our clients can come in with or without an appointment to check out makeup and clothes. I think we took the best parts of a department store and the best parts of a boutique, and fit them in one place. We are only brick and mortar right now, but we would love to offer an online store in the future.

On the makeup side, we do applications and consultations in-store and on location. We do lots of bridal, corporate, and print work. Roe Wolfe is mostly staffed with makeup artists, and although we have some ladies that can assist, they don’t do full applications yet. Most of the time, if you’re looking to have your makeup done, you’ll be helped by Jacqueline or me. Jacqueline has been with Roe Wolfe from the start, and is an amazing artist.

The other main piece to the store is the clothing. I’ve always been into fashion, and love being able to share that through the store. My favorite brand is the Pendleton Portland Collection. It’s Pendleton’s contemporary brand, and the line is in its third season. The new fall items will be shipping into Roe Wolfe soon.

I’m also in love with the Chicago-based Henry & Belle denim. The jeans feel like butter, and the company gives part of each sale to charity. Roe Wolfe is hosting a Trunk Show with H&B on Aug. 29. Chelsea from will be there from 4-7pm for a meet & greet and fashion advice. We’re donating 20% of all denim purchases to Make-a-Wish Minnesota.

We love to support local where we can as well. We carry local jewelry designers Via Patina, Larrissa Loden, and Realia by Jen. One great new feature at the store is the large art wall in the back. Every few months we ask an artist to come in and hang their pieces on the wall. [Editor’s note: For the next two months, it’s State Icons by redshoes26 on the wall!]

What’s the best part of being a small business owner?
For me, it’s meeting and networking with other small businesses. It’s so inspiring to hear their stories, as well as their struggles. There are so many great small businesses and brands in Minnesota, and so many are women-owned.

What’s the most challenging?
I think the hardest part is balancing mom-life and work-life. As an entrepreneur, I’m my own boss, but that also means I dedicate loads of time and energy to the store. I’m grateful my girls are proud of the store, and love to come hang out!

And now I have to ask, what are your favorite pair of shoes?
My favorite shoes are my Coclico booties. They have delicious wood soles, and are handmade in Spain. We’ll bring shoes back into Roe Wolfe later this fall, and I can’t wait! We have some cute booties on the way….

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State Icons at Mill City Museum Shop

My list of retailers has expanded again! You can now find my State Icon illustrations at the Mill City Museum Shop. Have you been here before? If not, be sure to check it out the next time you’re in the area, at the Museum, or if you just need a unique gift. I love the way the shop is curated into little Minnesota-themed vignettes, with focuses on everything from wine to fishing to baking to tea parties. It’s very well done.

Gold Medal Flour Sign - State Icon by Christy Johnson, redshoes26

Gold Medal Flour Sign – State Icon by Christy Johnson, redshoes26

I’m really excited to have my State Icons be part of the Mill City Museum!

Mill City Museum Shop
704 South Second Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401

This weekend : Finch’s Holiday Time Boutique & Snap.Crafted.Pop 2.1

The busy holiday season of art and craft shows continues for me this weekend!

Frost Bank Tower - Texas Icon by redshoes26 design

Frost Bank Tower – Texas Icon by redshoes26 design

On Friday, Dec. 7, from 6-8:30 p.m., head to Rigby’s Sneak Peek, the VIP night of Finch’s Holiday Time Boutique in Minnetonka, an open-house-style sale at the event at a lovely home. The Sneak Peek event is currently sold out, but if you really want to go, there’s no harm in contacting the event coordinator and asking her to put you on the waiting list….

If you can’t squeeze into the VIP event on Friday, you’re in luck the rest of the weekend, when the show is open to all, and free. From 11 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 8, and noon-5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 9, come see the work of redshoes26 design, including Minnesota Icons, greeting cards, and gift tags. While you check out the art and crafts being offered, enjoy hot apple cider and cookies. We artists have each donated to The American Cancer Society to participate in this show, and have created boatloads of unique items and gifts just in time for the holidays.

All sales will be final, and credit cards will not be accepted, unfortunately. So bring your cash (and personal checks, as those will work in a pinch).
Also on Saturday, Dec. 8, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., I’ll be at Snap.Crafted.Pop 2.1 at the former Bayers Hardware Store in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis. The show will be both Saturday and Sunday, but redshoes26 design will only be there on Saturday.
I’ll have tons of State Icons, as well as holiday cards and gift tags, greeting cards, and large, matted State Icon prints. This event will have tons of really cool vendors–trust me. You don’t want to miss it! Buy local and handmade this holiday season. We artists appreciate it more than you know, and money stays in our local economy.
At Snap.Crafted.Pop, you can also bring your pet and have its photograph taken by a pro photographer. It’s SO GREAT having all the cute dogs wandering around the show after they get their photos snapped. I wish more shows were dog friendly.
See you at one of the shows!

This weekend : Craft’za

Eek! I’m so late in posting this, but you still have a bit of time to plan for it, eh? I mean, you probably keep weekends free this time of year, just to hit up art shows to do your holiday shopping, right? Since you mostly buy your gifts locally, and as often as possible, handmade, right? I thought so!

This Saturday, Nov. 17, find me at Craft’za, the new holiday show brought to you by the planners behind the popular summer show, Craftstravaganza. Craft’za is from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis. There’s free parking, and the show is free to attend, too.

Pillsbury's Best Flour Sign, Minnesota Icon by redshoes26 design

Pillsbury’s Best Flour Sign – Minnesota Icon by redshoes26 design


I’ll have the usual suspects for sale: Minnesota Icons, new Minnesota Icon ornaments, greeting cards (including holiday cards), giclee prints, and paper jewelry.

I’m looking forward to this show, and hope you are, too. There will be more than 70 cool vendors, so it’ll be worth your time to make a stop. See you there!

This weekend : Nokomis Urban Craft Fair

With Halloween behind us, you may now feel comfortable thinking about holiday shopping. If so, I’ve got a great event for you to check out this Saturday, Nov. 10, in South Minneapolis: the Nokomis Urban Craft Fair. This is the fourth time I’ll be participating in this fair, and it might be small, but it draws big crowds. I love this show because it’s very indie, there is great variety in the items available from the creative vendors, the neighborhood really supports it, and it’s super organized.

I’ll be selling my Minnesota Icons, new Minnesota Icon ornaments, greeting cards, and paper jewelry.

Quilled paper earrings by redshoes26 design

Quilled paper earrings by redshoes26 design

You’ll also find jewelry from Shelly Cartmell and Larissa Loden, vegan and cruelty free makeup from The Elixery, and art and sparkly ornaments from DC Ice, plus many more fun vendors.

I really hope to see you there on Saturday! The doors open at 9 a.m., but you have to get there before the day gets away from you, because the fair closes at 3 p.m.

Nokomis Community Center, 2401 E. Minnehaha Pkwy., Minneapolis

Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012

9 a.m. – 3 p.m.